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Прогноз погоды
Red, White and Boho
jul 6 15, 22:21
This is a totally cute look! I have several tunic tops that a bit too short to wear as a dress and too long and shapeless to wear as a top, and seeing her rock this dress with a rope belt gave the me inspiration I need to restyle these tunics so I can rock them this summer. Great look, great post and I love the metallic tatts on her legs!
Green bag
jul 6 15, 22:19
This post is all about the accessories. It is good that the model was wearing a plain white to and simple jeans - they really helped highlight the cool green bag an super-cool sunglasses. I love her choice of gear for a summer stroll in the heat. The cool color of the bag is almost enough to cool you off! :)
Misty Copeland to Star in On the Town on Broadway
jul 6 15, 22:12
Misty is gorgeous and I am thrilled that we'll get to enjoy her talents on Broadway. She is so accomplished and I will enjoy seeing her take over yet another pinnacle of the arts world. Go girl!
jul 6 15, 22:09
This is a lovely summer outfit - not sure if it's a bathing suit or not, but the styling and accessories lead me to believe that it's a pretty halter top with matching shorts - who brings a big tote bag like that to the beach? Either way the girl looks lovely. The neutral sandals are perfect - she's not trying too hard to be vampy - and the pink bag is an unexpected pop of color that is just lovely.
'Giant butt' touring U.S. to bring 'randomness' to 'bleak world'
jul 6 15, 22:01
Well I have to say that if I saw this butt driving around the streets of NYC I'd die laughing. Talk about random and crazy! This is perhaps the one thing that is more random and crazy than everyday life in New York. It would bring a lot of smiles and a lot of scratched heads in this town, and that is no small feat. :) It would probably also get asked out on a bunch of dates. :)
Who Knew Supermarkets Could Be So Good For Clothes?
jul 6 15, 21:59
The idea of buying cute clothes in a supermarket cracks me up - that just would NOT happen in the US! the only clothes I typically see in a food stores here are cheesy sweatshirts or t shirts that bear the name of the city in which the store is located. I give this girl credit for finding such cute clothes in such a store.
Can a Man Have a Bromance With his Luggage?
jul 6 15, 21:57
I'm familiar with Novica for its many amazing home decor and jewelry items that I found on its Ebay store. I can't get over the options and beauty and craft of the items it sells. I'm convinced that anything this company sells is amazing and I am intrigued enough to check out their luggage options.
Postcards from Kempinski St. Moritz
jul 6 15, 21:46
OH my goodness - these photos are gorgeous! I'm a sucker for great shots of interiors and of architectural details, and these shots are really wonderful. It makes me want to visit this place! I would have loved alittle bit of detail below each shot, maybe about the location or the finishes in the shot, a la Design Sponge or or Elle Decor, but the images alone are truly enjoyable. Great post!
22 Puppies That Can Sleep Anywhere And Anytime
jul 6 15, 21:41
I love seeing these images - they are all so adorable. The funniest part of this post is that I can totally relate to these puppies - there are days when I feel like I could pass out anywhere, in any position, and just snore the afternoon away. I would definitely not look as cute, though.
The best places to see 10 iconic American animals
jul 6 15, 21:39
What a great post. I love the idea of traveling to different places for no reason at all, but getting the chance to view these animals in their natural habitats is a great reason to get out and hit the road. I have seen bears and I even saw an eagle and a moose once up in northern New Hampshire, and I saw a bison out west, but this is a great concise list of where to go to see these amazing animals. I think the one I'd like to see most is the wolf - they are such beautiful, maligned creatures.