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Kim Davis is Going to Jail, But That's Not The Whole Story
sep 25 15, 19:16
Totally agree. The Supreme Court passed the law and she, as an individual hired to issue marriage licenses, should've obeyed the law. If you don't like it, quit your job and look for something else.
On the other hand, and I heard it from many conservative people, she just defended her 1st Amendment rights, but boy it got dirty....
sep 25 15, 19:09
I was trying to understand this too. I don't believe it's disgusting though. I am not a religious person, and I don't judge how people live their lives.
SeaWorld's Trainers: We Love Orcas So Much! Everyone: Oh Really?
sep 25 15, 17:53
Totally agree. I recently read an article proving that orcas can live up to 100 years in the wild, vs. 15 -20 years in captivity. They should let all those whales go back into the ocean.
sep 25 15, 17:51
I am absolutely against Sea World. So many cases of killer whales going crazy and killing people not because they are vicious animals but simply because they desperately need more space, freedom, happiness. No matter how trained these people are, they are not going to make these wild creatures happy in captivity. I would shut all these facilities down yesterday!
What Happens When Your 'Teacup' Pig Is 160 Pounds
sep 22 15, 19:56
before buying a teacup piglet, you definitely gotta do proper research. I'm glad the owner did not abandon her pet after it grew enormously huge :-)
Apple’s Smartwatch Said To Debut In October With 2.5-inch Screen And Wireless Charging
jul 17 14, 00:47
I guess Fit Bit will go out of business, once Apple has its smart watch with health tracking capabilities?
Senate Passes Cellphone Unlocking Bill That Lets You Use Your Phone With Another Carrier
jul 17 14, 00:45
I did not know it expired. But great to know now!