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Прогноз погоды
"That's my penis"
sep 25 15, 18:55
The best headline ever
New Dinosaur Species Found, ‘Ancient Grazer,’ Has Scientists Excited
sep 25 15, 14:53
Wow! Recently I have known that at least some of the dinosaurs were warm-blooded. And now it turns out that they could live among snows. What's next? Will we find out that dinosaurs could read and knew multiplication table?
Heart Surgeon With A Heart: Doctor Comforting Young Patient Goes Viral
sep 25 15, 14:44
I wish all doctors were like him...
The Secret History of How Slaves Built the Top Universities Revealed
sep 25 15, 14:41
Well, all of it is kind of obvious, isn't it? Since slavery existed en the US in times when top universities had been built, why couldn't they be connected to it?.. This guy is making a mountain out of a molehill
SeaWorld's Trainers: We Love Orcas So Much! Everyone: Oh Really?
sep 25 15, 13:53
I hate circuses and all kind of shows with animals :( Poor killer whales
Couple Has 5 Cats And 2 Dogs That All Love To Sleep In Bed So They Made A 11ft Mega Bed
sep 21 15, 15:32
I need the same in my house :)
My Dog Loves To Play Dress-Up Even If It’s Not Halloween Yet
sep 21 15, 15:32
Poor dog would endure anything to please owner...
I Fight Every Day To Save Melissa The Einstein Cat From Death
sep 21 15, 15:28
That's true! The owner herself has some kind of cat-like beauty
Dog Spends A WEEK Guarding Her Trapped Best Friend Until Help Arrives
sep 21 15, 15:23
That golden retriever is really smart!..