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Check Out What Kid Rock Did To Help SEALS Pay Tribute to Chris Kyle
feb 28 15, 23:51
This song is incredible!
Bjork Keeping 'Vulnicura' Off Spotify: 'It Just Seems Insane
feb 28 15, 23:51
What's that on her chest. Don't know what it is but it's somehow scarred my whole existence
iPhone Accounts for Nearly 90% of Smartphone Industry Profits in Fourth Quarter
feb 27 15, 23:19
Hmm sounds like its time to reduce profit levels so they can actually sell at reasonable prices. Maybe they can take more of the market while still making just as much if they actually sold a phone that was cheaper than $450 off contract.
Lollipop update now rolling out for the HTC One M7 in Europe
feb 27 15, 23:18
Lollipop update Bricked my phone. Caught in reboot loop all day. I've contacted HTC and am waiting for a response. Proceed with caution. Why can't HTC update software properly for the UK? It's the second major update they've released with problems in the UK.
Brian Wilson's Struggle in 'Love & Mercy' Trailer
feb 27 15, 23:11
Will wait to pass judgement until I see the thing. But first thought is Dano blends into the role while Cusack looks like Cusack.
Kanye West Debuts "All Day" At Brit 2015 Awards
feb 27 15, 23:10
The large group on stage with him weren't friends. They are the top MCs in the UK grime scene.
Carriers reportedly love the Galaxy S6
feb 24 15, 23:53
Will be absolutely better than any iphone, wich is always overdone!
Why Chinese smartphone clones may not be a good deal after all
feb 24 15, 23:53
I don't even buy Chinese chopstick clones.
Finger-pointing, lawsuits likely to follow 'superbug' scare
feb 24 15, 00:01
There are few things in life that more entertaining than watching Lefties throw each other Under-the-bus...
Ancient Shrines Used for Predicting the Future Discovered
feb 24 15, 00:00
Why always connect it to religious activities of the past?