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Key Witness of TuPac's Death was Murdered
mar 1 15, 15:09
Looks like it was filmed in the UK with lucas from eastenders!
Why Hooking Is Illegal
mar 1 15, 15:09
Yep that was funny. I don't approve of prostitution but what business is it of mine what 2 consenting adults decide to do? I think we're letting being a civilized government go to our head. Udder Madness. I was married by a minister and divorced by a judge. Started out in a new suit and ended up in a law suit. lol
Proof That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes
mar 1 15, 15:08
what's a NWO?
ISIS Annihilated, World War 3 Begins
mar 1 15, 15:08
Jonah warned Nineveh of imminent destruction but it was given a repreee lasting 120 years before God dealt with it and wiped it out! God is Merciful and Long suffering towards mankind because He knows we are but dust, however \
The Judgments of God are : Long awaited, Commonly rejected, Absolutely certain and Terribly severe!!
ASTEROID Will Hit Earth in near Future
mar 1 15, 15:07
You're so full of shit!!! All this stupid gloom and doom. What's your game. If we did get hit by such an asteroid you won't even know it. It would be all over in the blink of an eye. There will not be any place to hide. Why don't you spread what's good for a change instead of all this garbage. Tell you what, You go dig a hole and hide in it. Me,I'm going to enjoy life. In other wards...Fuck Off!!!!
End civilization? If this is civilization then it's worth ending it
mar 1 15, 15:06
Multi-Culturalism is largely a failure. People who are unwilling to adapt to their environment (surrounding native culture) and instead seek to terraform their environment (spread their foreign culture) are detrimental to the identity of any nation.
Zedd Says He First Met Selena Gomez Because He ‘Had To Pee’
mar 1 15, 14:36
Really??? It can't be true! I've never heard this story before( Why??? I Love them too much)
No Bra, No Problem: Beyonce Wears a Completely Unbuttoned Shirt to Lunch
mar 1 15, 14:34
we complain at men wearing their pants below their butt, and what better example are women giving our youth with this dressing? no wonder more people get less moral respect and decency apreciation. only because they are rich and famous the law limits do not apply to them?
Kelly Clarkson: I Want to Do Broadway – and Release a Country Album
mar 1 15, 14:33
She can sing any genre she wants, I love her voice, and was a fan since her IDOL days!!!!... An adorable little baby also.
Khloé Kardashian's Waist Looks Terrifyingly Tiny
mar 1 15, 14:33
You are one sad mother and illiterate!!!