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How late is "too late" to start bodybuilding?

There are many different ideas about the best age to start bodybuilding. What do you think? When are the "golden years" to start working out if you have serious ambitions about it?
These days there is the trend of teen bodybuilding. Many young people head to the gyms and spend hours there. To my mind, there are many pros of teen bodybuilding. It keeps the youngsters occupied and helps them to become serious and disciplined. Apart from becoming handsome, fit and healthy, teens also develop good self-esteem and self-confidence.
In most of the resources, it is mentioned that the best age to start is around 16. For the ones, who are under +13, I have noticed a lot of restrictions and limits. I think it is OK, as they are not fully grown up yet and some exercises can really harm them.
It is not a problem for teens to make a schedule for attending gym and do it regularly, but they DO have difficulties with diets. Youngsters spend most of the time at schools and cannot have meals often and at appropriate time. With adults and university students, it is much easier. How should the teens get the nutrition needed for bode building? You have a lot of protein during the breakfast, I suppose. They can also bring thermos filled with meals to ensure they are able to eat every several hours.
In short, do you believe there is a timeframe for starting working out? What about teen bodybuilding? Do you have any recommendations for the teen starts based on personal experience?

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