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gaurav 2 March 15 08:29 Life is about morning walks, healthy outdoor activities and breathing fresh air in the balcony for the families who have finally moved into Ranchi’s Khel Gaon, the National Games township. Here life is just out of the pages of a real estate glossy booklet. The residents wake up early and take a morning walk around the township. Then, settle in the balcony and breathe in fresh air. There is no pollution here at all. Khel Gaon have changed the lifestyle of the people. Ranchi once used to be paradise just for its weather. But pollution, traffic and erratic rainfall changed all that. Here at Khel Gaon, one can rediscover the old Ranchi. It’s so breezy and pleasant that you don’t need fans and air-conditioners. There’s complete peace. Text hided expand
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