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Here's what to expect from the Mobile World Congress 2015
feb 28 15, 23:54
What happened to always on?
Google Reveals Plan for Futuristic New Headquarters
feb 28 15, 23:54
Like they are trying to create some sort of weird Utopia o_o Sometimes google scares me.
You can play YouTube videos in the background
feb 25 15, 23:11
There are apps from the amazon app store that can do this on any android phone, don't need root access.
Google confirms a Chromebook Pixel refresh is coming soon
feb 25 15, 23:10
You know...... This is disheartening if it is only the 12.85 inch version. I have a 14 inch HP and I would not go any smaller than this.
AT&T sends out Lollipop soak test invites for 2014 Moto X
feb 23 15, 23:57
The Verizon Moto X has had 5.0 for months now. It's probably 5.1 or a small update with new/revised features.
The NSA and GCHQ gave themselves a direct line into your phone
feb 23 15, 23:57
I doubt they catch any terrorists this way. They aren't that dumb...
The Mavericks to Release New Album “Mono”
feb 23 15, 23:56
The mavericks are THE best band touring and singing today, and for the last 25 years. They just get better and better as the years go by.Raul Malo can sing anything.
Brian Wilson Relax With Some Beach Boys in 'The Right Time'
feb 23 15, 23:55
This sounds like a remake of Lay down Burden on the chorus just faster with different lyrics, good though .
Philadelphia bar fight leaves Nicki Minaj team member dead
feb 22 15, 23:07
Minaj keeping it classy as always — When you care enough to express your sorrow in 122 characters, or less....
Samsung Galaxy A7 costs more than the S5 in Europe
feb 22 15, 23:02
Considering the design, A7 is better than S5.