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Прогноз погоды
Cool Pacific Ocean Slowed Global Warming
feb 28 15, 23:52
Another global warming scare to panic people now with predictions of a soon-to-come sea change that, somehow, will never manage to materialize.
Prehistoric American hunters used spear-throwers to kill large prey like mammoths
feb 28 15, 23:52
Pretty sure "hold my beer and watch this" is how this happened lol
Mummy Found Hiding Inside Ancient Buddha Statue
feb 27 15, 00:46
Fortunately the Dutch has got it, or Mao would have melted it to make himself a spitting bowl.
Scientists find peanut-eating prevents allergy, urge rethink
feb 27 15, 00:45
When I was a kid I never even hear of peanut allergies. Messing with our immune systems brings unexpected consequences. (Vaccines?)
Meizu MX5 to sport 41MP camera
feb 26 15, 22:04
It seems they have so many Photographers in china, i'm nt even done with the 13mp on Samsung s4... Lolz!
Anti-Vaccine Mothers Discuss Their Thinking Amid Backlash
feb 24 15, 23:51
We can abort our babies but we can't decide whether to vaccinate them or not.
Spacewalking Astronauts Turn Cable Guys in 1st of 3 Jobs
feb 24 15, 23:51
Why route cables in the way in the first place when you know it will take a dangerous space walk to move them later?
Carriers reportedly love the Galaxy S6
feb 24 15, 23:44
Ofcourse people will love it, that thing T-Mobile tease looks beast.
Stock Lollipop vs Samsung TouchWiz vs HTC Sense vs LG UI
feb 24 15, 23:43
Uhm I really think you should have used stock 4.4 for the comparison instead of Lollipop, as every other UI is actually a KitKat ROM...
Finger-pointing, lawsuits likely to follow 'superbug' scare
feb 23 15, 23:50
Um, I thought the idea of going to the hospital and coming out sicker than when you went in was a joke. This is NOT funny.