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Do We Need Government To Be Safe? Answer inside
mar 1 15, 15:02
our current economic system and the concept of ownership is flawed as well, look into The Venus Project!
Police Brutality in 2015
mar 1 15, 15:02
greatest country on earth turns to the shittest country on earth in the space of 40yrs........YAAAAAAY USA.......i weep for you
Net Neutrality Enables Communist Style Controlled Internet
mar 1 15, 15:02
Remember to control something you have to understand it, most of these politicians will NEVER be able to control it they are too fucking stupid!!
Missile downs Malaysia Airlines MH17
mar 1 15, 15:02
anyone thinks this might be a false flag operation?
mar 1 15, 15:01
This is just all sorts of wrong. It starts off on 2 faulty premises: 1. That Government never controlled internet/media before, and that there was ever such a thing as a "free market," and 2. that the internet was/is the "greatest thing in the world." Ehhh...
This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops
mar 1 15, 15:01
wait when the people fucking let loose its going to get ugly.there is no reason to beat,kick etc someone cuffed on the ground not resisting.its going to get cant keep doing this to people without retaliation,there will be a movement.america is already falling apart
Kelly Clarkson Defends Cover of Tokio Hotel Song
mar 1 15, 14:29
How is it unbelievable? I've never heard of Tokio Hotel as a group, nor have I heard any of their songs.
Did Kelly Osbourne Quit ‘Fashion Police’ Because Of Giuliana Rancic’s Comments About Zendaya’s Hair?
mar 1 15, 14:29
E didn't like the way she was dissing Khloe on Grammy night.
The Truth Behind Faith Hill's Neck Scar
mar 1 15, 14:28
Seen him in concert in Edmonton 2014 - don't go!!!!! the most arrogant performance I have ever seen likes himself more than his fans - liked him before that now just feels sorry for Faith that she has to live with him
Naya Rivera Is Pregnant
mar 1 15, 14:27
Wow-wow-wow! I'm so glad for them))) love-love-love :-)