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Sajida al-Rishawi: Who is the failed suicide bomber IS wants in prisoner exchange?
jan 31 15, 21:42
SO ugly that she has not been sexually harassed in jail.
Japan says hostage negotiations 'deadlocked'
jan 31 15, 21:19
How do they trade a convicted murderer terrorist muslim woman that killed 60 humans for 2 men ? I would say this is not equal.
Obamacare is finally hitting employers
jan 31 15, 08:47
Obama is anti-jobs. You could have saved yourself a lot of time and just wrote an article stating that.
Proof That Chris Pratt Is Perfect for Indiana Jones
jan 31 15, 02:11
Why do we need a reboot? Why do we need to try and remake everything, leave it alone and make something else idiots
'Two And A Half Men' Finale: Will Charlie Sheen Show Up?
jan 30 15, 13:19
Yay!!! it was only good with Charlie on it!!!!
10 Things That Could Save The Transformers Movies
jan 30 15, 11:03
Yeah the highest grossing film of the year really needs saving
‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Trailer Will Give You Chills
jan 24 15, 15:47
Such an underrated show.
Rumor: ’300: Rise of an Empire’ Director Eyed for ‘Aquaman’; Karl Urban Wanted for Supporting Role
jan 24 15, 15:28
Just pick james cameron god damn it and james woods for the villain
The Chilly Fallout Between Putin and His Oligarch Pals
jan 24 15, 15:15
I for one despise Putin, if not for playing tough in front of the world, then because he is a jerk as a person.
MasterCard to Lift Transaction Block on U.S. Cards in Cuba
jan 24 15, 15:11
Thank you, President Obama!