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Прогноз погоды
В США собирают подписи за ядерный удар по России
jun 10 15, 13:20
Obama Supporters Sign Petition to NUKE RUSSIA so America will Stay World's Superpower
jun 10 15, 13:16
jun 10 15, 13:14
Lunatics; May God have mercy on their souls.
BREAKING: North Korea Overthrows Dictator Kim Jong-un
oct 7 14, 04:25
There is a desperate need fir...for some kind of sensible reform. It is over 60 years now of an Armistice, a war not ended .
Katherine Heigl Gets Vicious in Red Band Trailer for 'Home Sweet Hell'
oct 7 14, 04:10
....By the way Divil has nothing to do with a Devil or a devil.
oct 7 14, 04:08
P.S. & not to ME.

So embarrassed; the word is Devil not Divil. (boO hoo boo hoO.)

by the way....
oct 7 14, 04:01
Is this entertainment ? Or psychologic moral engineering by the Divil and the minions of the Divil? in mankind.
If you want more control over your cat, you need to know about using a cat harness.
oct 7 14, 03:51
Man of Sin does to others as Man of sin does to one self; Leashes everything & anyone.
Biden calls UAE prince to clarify remarks on Syria
oct 7 14, 03:42
You forgot,_official_DoD_photo.JPEG

the both of them are