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I literally trust no one anymore. Never trusted Ilbred because he had a ****-eating grin 24/7 Buy FFXIV Gil. He might as well have been screaming "I'M THE BAD GUY MY SMILE SAYS SO LOOK AT MY HAIRSTYLE DONT I LOOK TRUSTING?" I think this also has to do with the fact that there are more betrayals in
Well now that we know what happened, I would like to know your FFXIV Gil ideas, and theories on what is to become of Ul'dah Will it remain a monarchy or will it become something else?It would be cool if SE had actually a plan to make it an "enemy" city-state or a place not welcoming to players
First let me start of with saying I am fresh to the game with less than 1 month of game play.
I am currently a lvl 33 WHM(17 ARN) and ffxiv gil just finished Brayflox by sheer luck and amazing Duty finder mates(hat tips to them) 
I think the biggest issue I'm having is mana management, I
Hey there!We are FOCUS, a new rank 3 FFXIV Gil FC
About US1.Currently casual gamers who in the past have raided hard core in other MMOs 2.hilarious Vent Conversations.3.Working on crafting to be self sustaining.4.We are early to mid 20s, we can no longer raid like we used to in highschool XD

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