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My Color Palette + Everlane
mar 26 15, 23:23
I get it totally--I'm the king of earth colors.
Atentát (1965) Vs. Hangmen (1943) Vs. Operation Daybreak (1975)--The Mirror of Murder Has Three Faces
mar 24 15, 08:04
Hee hee . . . I just watched it again tonight since writing about it got me in the mood. Henri Dacae at his most careful and restrained.
mar 15 15, 18:10
.. And I can't find a copy of the bloody thing anywhere!
mar 14 15, 19:13
I must track down a copy of the Czech Attentat which I hadn't heard of.. If you would like to see another excellent movie about the assassination, you should check out Operation Daybreak, a 1975 Hollywood film directed by Lewis Gilbert.. There was Warner Archive disc released of a nice print of the film.

It's probably the most accurate retelling of the actual operation put together by the Brits and Czechs to kill Heydrich, it's faithful to reality in that sense and the exaggerations aren't anywhere near as extreme as Lang's film. I think you might like this film a good bit.
Critical Restoration Releases: The Slow Drip . . .
mar 11 15, 16:44
I agree that this might default into the main venue for distributing lesser-known content like obscure silents that few know about, especially from companies that aren't government subsidized a la the great German releases. It'll probably become more utilized when hi-speed data transmission is utilized across the board, and a 30 Gig film can be zapped over to a consumer in under an hour or so. Anything over than time range runs the risk of being subject to the wifi hiccups/interruptions that are so common, even in the 802.11ac protocol (I know because I experience it, even after setting in control panel for the system to NOT turn the service off to save power).

Of course, losing the collectability of cover art, insert booklets a la MoC and CC (hell I'd even miss the little inserts Kino occasionally throws in here and there a la their excellent release of the untouched print of Tartuffe by Murnau), and the danger of losing extras in general is depressing; it reminds me of the slow loss of contextual art and gatefolds when we went from albums to CD . . . and then from CD to straight iTunes download.

But hey, I've become used to this via, as you mention, filesharing, so it will feel very natural to do straight digital downloads of new restos.
mar 9 15, 16:24
Without question, there are tons of unexamined nitrate positives sitting around in federal and private archives decaying as we speak; in there could be a first gen lavender positive of something like Chaney's HUNCHBACK in 35mm, or Abels NARKOSE, all waiting to be rediscovered. It's critical that we recover as much of our cinematic heritage as possible. As Hitchcock said, silent cinema is the purest form of "pure cinema" there was.
"Variete", E.A. DuPont, 1925: FW Murnau Foundation Blu Ray 2015
mar 9 15, 16:21
I'm not sure if they made it available on SD DVD, but I'm definitely not complaining that they put it out on Blu, it sets a nice example, esp if it sells decently, that silent titles are viable on pure HD releases. But I think a dual format release would have been more user friendly, like Criterion and MoC often do.