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Do We Need Government To Be Safe? Answer inside
mar 1 15, 15:00
Short, sweet and to the point. Good job.
Police Brutality in 2015
mar 1 15, 14:59
this shit is fucked up
Net Neutrality Enables Communist Style Controlled Internet
mar 1 15, 14:59
They want us to be sharing appropriate information? What the fuck does that mean?
Missile downs Malaysia Airlines MH17
mar 1 15, 14:58
President of russia idiot. He want to meet obama discuss about mh17. He need support from usa actually. Stupid president over the world. 
mar 1 15, 14:58
Technology is a scam and it is used to enslave you by making you want shit you dont need.
This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops
mar 1 15, 14:57
Check it out folks!!!! Sometimes, a picture/s is worth a thousand words. This is THE LAW. And this is why, when the shit hits the fan, these people will be the first to die.
Disney Turns Shoppers into Famous Characters
mar 1 15, 14:50
If my shadow turned into Cinderella i wouldn't even question it tbh
Folks Feel the Tug of Church's Chicken's Seafood in New Spot from Boulder's Made
mar 1 15, 14:50
This ad seems to me poor and idealess. Don't you think so?
Lingerie-Clad Woman Admires Her Hot Body, Pulls Tight Jeans Over Booty In Sexually Suggestive Smartphone Ad
mar 1 15, 14:49
I approve of this commercial
Naomi Campbell Says Diane Von Furstenberg Encouraged Her to Take Empire Role: "I'd Given Up on Acting"
mar 1 15, 14:08
I just started watching this show and it's very addictive. I think Naomi will fit perfectly.