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Прогноз погоды
The 12 Most Overrated Kinds of Sex
dec 29 14, 12:58
Sex on the beach? the cocktail is much better, then the real sex, 'cos sand in vagina is reality.
dec 29 14, 12:56
Havin' so much pillows from dogs is the good solution for lonely people)
Kim Kardashian Takes Daughter North West to See Santa
dec 29 14, 12:55
pretty girl))
As U.S. troops return to Iraq, more private contractors follow
dec 29 14, 12:53
When do they just alm down and stop this insane war?!
ISS astronaut uses 3D printer to make socket wrench in space
dec 29 14, 12:47
It's cool, but material for such printers still be very expensive...
World's first poop-fueled bus begins operation in UK
dec 29 14, 12:45
the new world in modern science)))