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If you are running your Skype for Windows desktop and all of sudden your account crashes, or stops working, then don’t get panic and follow the steps below steps to resolve your issue. 
In case you open you’re Skype for Windows Desktop and crashes before you get an opportunity to do anything.
In order to transfer images, photos or files on Skype Messenger, you need to ensure that the individual you are transferring an essential file is online. This manner, he or she can easily approve the transfer of files appropriately. If you wish to send or receive the files to your office colleague
Although the mail service providers extend their support services across a variety of support platforms, still there are many other service platforms over which these service providers extend their support services. Customers can be aware of all the support platforms via the online customer support
There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Yahoo has the maximum number of users under them. Since Yahoo has the maximum number of users under them so is the marketing and popularity of Yahoo is which is absolutely over the top. It is most preferred as compared to all its users. Yahoo has the
Yahoo mail users can face a variety of issues many of which can affect the working of Yahoo mail. Some problems can be quite minor and can be dealt with easily with a little knowledge. That is why customers are requested to understand the working of Yahoo mail by going through various FAQs as well

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