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The Saga of Severus Snape From One Dedicated 'Harry Potter' Fan
  There were plenty of heroes in the Harry Potter movie series, but none as intriguing as Severus Snape. With an outfit as black as his mood, the Hogwarts professor was introduced as a scheming crank who seemed dedicated to making Harry’s life miserable. But as the novels — and later the movies —
Why Does Bob Dylan Hate Merle Haggard? A MusiCares Speech Explainer
For someone not known for public pronouncements, it turns out Bob Dylan gives pretty good speech. During his acceptance comments as 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year on February 6th, Dylan didn't simply thank those who played vital roles in his career. Views: steveh46  Bob must have been saving his
Mark Ronson on Loving Steely Dan and Finding the Funk With Bruno Mars
Mark Ronson is, at his core, a DJ and a producer for other artists — he considers his four solo albums side projects. Views: Ronsontrustfundbrat  Robson needs to start focusing more on his music and less on his hair style. His solo album Uptown Funk was garbage except for one song, Source Vsquared 

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