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Battle of the Sexes: Who Has it Harder in the Dating World?
jun 23 15, 19:04
i think men and women both have it hard...but most men that i know of can shake it off when the girl they have their eye on isnt into them or chooses someone else...women can be more sensitive than that and rejection is the worst.
Deal Breaker # 1: The Kiss
jun 23 15, 19:02
Prince wrote a song about this for a reason...i completely agree...if the kiss has no spark, it usually isnt worth it. however, there are times when you love everything else about the person, so why not try to teach them? simply kiss in whatever fashion you define as "good" and eventually they'll learn your methods and will be able to keep up
Guys, Do You Want a Woman Like This in Your Bed? Here are 3 Things You Should AVOID at All Costs
jun 23 15, 18:59
even i get nervous around beautiful women...i think the key is to just be yourself cause anything else will leave you coming off as fake or scary
Ready to Learn About the Future of a Privatized Space Industry?
jun 23 15, 18:56
idk if im so much interested in the space Race so much as space itself...i cant wait to see what they find on pluto in mid july.
IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Met My Celebrity Crush and Now He May Think I'm Stalking Him
jun 23 15, 18:52
we've all had celebrity crushes...i think its key just to act normal around them, even though normal doesnt really exist, and i know if i ever met one of my crushes or heroes, male or female, id melt and be speechless.
Trend Report: Ear Jackets
jun 23 15, 18:20
since right now my ears are the only part of my body thats pierced, ill definitely consider this...they are pretty cute, although id go for something less sparkly
Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy
jun 23 15, 18:19
the moral of the story? its all about balance...
jun 23 15, 18:16
i spent the longest time hating my body, especially after being made fun of for it by ex-boyfriends...but in the end, the body is just a shell that we have to live in in this life...why get down over things that are genetic or things you cant change? focus on your talents and positive traits (like writing) and maybe someone will find you sexy for those things.
IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Saw My Husband in a Porno
jun 23 15, 18:12
im glad you arent so uptight about this like most people would be (especially if they were married...) however i dont know how to feel about your article, as it goes straight from comical to serious.
FASHION DARE: I Wore a Crop Top While Pregnant To See How People Would React
jun 23 15, 18:06
i think you look the woman says in pulp fiction, "pot bellies are sexy."