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Прогноз погоды
Walmart retreats from its UK Asda business to hone its focus on competing with Amazon
apr 30 18, 20:03
Good luck
Evolve Foundation launches a $100 million fund to find startups working to relieve human suffering
nov 4 17, 15:43
Money will give hope
Boeing will build DARPA’s XS-1 experimental spaceplane
may 25 17, 20:05
Is a “robot tax” really an “innovation penalty”?
apr 23 17, 12:41
It need to be taxed also any organic substance ie food than is used as a calorie transfer needs tax as it adds life to humans ie potatoes needs to be taxed as energy caloric transfer
New Artificial Synapse Bridges the Gap to Brain-Like Computers
mar 15 17, 19:28
Borg springs to mind
Twitter Is Testing A Dedicated GIF Button On Mobile
feb 5 16, 22:13
Sounds great Facebook got a button a few years ago
Then it disappeared Twitter needs a bottom maybe doubling as click and drag to twitter stream?
Apple’s Next iPhone Rumored To Debut On September 9th
aug 8 15, 18:11
Looks like a nice cycle of a round year;)
AncestryDNA And Google’s Calico Team Up To Study Genetic Longevity
jul 22 15, 20:34
I'm still fascinated by DNA though I favour pure chemistry what could be
Offered is for future generation to be given a spec on future generations
Prospects for longevity if a Genius could manipulate living cells to enhance lifespan
Well that would be a licence to print money?
8 Things You Should Absolutely Do If You Find A Lost Dog
jul 18 15, 12:42
Yes careful approach seems a good point