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Прогноз погоды
Что бы вы выбрали: CS:GO, WoT или DotA 2?
jan 9 17, 19:35
конечно же ДОТА!
Играли ли вы в азартные онлайн-игры? Если да, то насколько ус...
jan 9 17, 19:35
когда-то играл, поднял за час тысячу рублей, а потом проиграл за 1 минуту. с тех пор не играю.
Какими видами спорта вы увлекались/увлекаетесь и почему?
jan 9 17, 19:30
футбол, плавание. потому что люблю воду и мячи)
iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 vs DSLR camera comparison: strengths and weaknesses of phone cameras vs DSLRs
feb 28 15, 23:57
Of course a DSLR win any smartphone camera ever.But the question here is as smarphones cameras evolved.
Bjork Keeping 'Vulnicura' Off Spotify: 'It Just Seems Insane
feb 28 15, 23:56
I think the Spotify/streaming model (to your end) would work better if there was a cap on listening to the album
Shonda Rhimes Thinks Gaga's 'Sound of Music' Was 'Scandal-ous'
feb 27 15, 00:35
Plastic people always have something negative to say about performance, songs, hair, dress, weight, and all the other things that the award shows are not about...
feb 27 15, 00:34
Note to self: Don't bring PTSD sufferer to gun range for healing process...
Dragon Skull Found On Mars
feb 24 15, 23:49
Is that a cervical collar around his neck?