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Прогноз погоды
mar 1 15, 15:17
The Lord come to save me before it was to late! So grateful! Hallelujah! Never felt so much love in my life! 
Vladimir Putin Illuminati? Truth about ISIS, Malaysia Air, WW3
mar 1 15, 15:17
From much study and research into this global situation, I believe this video has much documented fact, a minuscule of all that exists, that indicates the detail of events described are very probable and true. Most of America under the censorship of AIPAC-Zionist (owned) Media, have been for many decades brainwashed, it is videos of this sort that will awaken a nation, and very likely one of the two evils will be ended.
Cyborgs among us
mar 1 15, 15:16
Imagine having ability's to communicate across the planet without a cell phone, to travel without cars or planes, etc., to live without time, to never starve or thirst, to never get sick or feel pains or anxiety's, to never be jealous or competative, to never need money, to love without bounderies and never need to sleep, to travel to distant planets in the blink of an eye, to be happy all the time. Well, it won't happen through any tech we can conceive. But through our creator nothing is impossible if you're wise enough to see Him and all He has made thus far.
The Power of Nanotechnology
mar 1 15, 15:16
great a commercial for Ever Dry..... LOL it slices, it dices, and you too can stay dry for 19.95 plus shipping
NEW AGE RELIGION Islam + Christianity + Buddhism
mar 1 15, 15:15
That would be the false Christs coming. 
Katt Williams: Breaking down the Illuminati
mar 1 15, 15:15
Speak on it Kat , there a punch of pagans and there days are numbered ! 
Jennifer Lawrence Skips the Oscars, Hits a Mall in Boston
mar 1 15, 14:46
Whaaaa I wouldve given her a ride all she had to do was ask
Lil Wayne Breaks Silence on Cash Money Lawsuit, 'Free Weezy Album'
mar 1 15, 14:46
Black, ugly as ever, however I stay gucci down to the socks, rings and watch filled with rocks and my jam knocks. You can call Wayne all kinds of names but he is Reeotch #$%$.
Adorable Alert! Nick Lachey and Camden Smooch in Sweet Father-Son Snapshot
mar 1 15, 14:45
Really good snapshot! I always do the same for my son))))
Kelly Clarkson Defends Cover of Tokio Hotel Song
mar 1 15, 14:43
Don't really care. People will love Kelly Clarkson's version more because she is Kelly Clarkson, and she has earned it. Congrats on the 7th elbum and hope for many more to come.