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The Conversation (Coppola, 1974); A Nasty One From the Heart
apr 6 15, 10:18
I recently rewatched the Schmidlin restoration of Touch of Evil, Mr. Clive knows why, then I listened for the first time to Schmidlin's enthusiastic audio commentary (the solo one, not the one with Heston and Leigh) where he repeatedly praises The Conversation and Walter Murch's work on this film (who also reconstructed the "sound tapestry" - he called it something else - of the Welles film). So I rewatched The Conversation too of which I only remembered very few details. Great movie but too Schreckian for me ;)
Atentát (1965) Vs. Hangmen (1943) Vs. Operation Daybreak (1975)--The Mirror of Murder Has Three Faces
mar 24 15, 07:22
I guess I must watch Operation Daybreak now ;)
mar 14 15, 15:34
Your blog entry came too late for me, so I made the mistake and watched the bluray version. I'm not familiar with Heydrich's biography, and I thought the introduction when he holds court a bit over the top. As you know, I have problems with 1940s WW-II depictions of the German side in Hollywood, France (Le silence et la mer) and Russia (Odnazhdy nochyu). Maybe it was all too recent and the patriotic message to get across too urgent. So, despite the web of suspense and the brilliantly economic narration and editing, I confess I prefer the Czech version of 1965 "Atentat".
Critical Restoration Releases: The Slow Drip . . .
mar 11 15, 21:21
I've had talks with Tommaso and MA about this dilemma of films lying in archives, there's hope, or it might be a good idea, if there were crowd funding and non-expensive scanning and restoring in the future.