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Key Witness of TuPac's Death was Murdered
mar 1 15, 15:12
why would she be smiling sbout it when she was telling about how he died?????? FAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEE
Why Hooking Is Illegal
mar 1 15, 15:12
Plus men were less aggressive than in places that didn't Sorry but after the military I had nothing to do but study history, religions, Went to school to master in Psychology and minor in Sociology. I find people interesting 
Proof That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes
mar 1 15, 15:11
Proof That New World Order is Real in 10 Minutes:
ISIS Annihilated, World War 3 Begins
mar 1 15, 15:11
some interesting points,but there is another point=that the domb of the rock is not on
the old temple but on an old roman fortress and the real solomons temple is in the city of david a 1.000 feet away for any one interested type in PITN: Search for the temple.
by a guy robert cornuke
ASTEROID Will Hit Earth in near Future
mar 1 15, 15:11
This is fuckin dumb as shit
End civilization? If this is civilization then it's worth ending it
mar 1 15, 15:10
The "privilege" slur points to the most intense, largest extreme racist group. The other groups, mentioned here are small, poor and do not control education and media (and I do not mean "Jews," I mean believers in the fundamentalist social constructivist ideology. The "social justice" (group guilt) collectivist ideology is authoritarian.).
Lingerie-Clad Woman Admires Her Hot Body, Pulls Tight Jeans Over Booty In Sexually Suggestive Smartphone Ad
mar 1 15, 14:54
What have close ups of a woman`s arse and tits in got to do with a phone? Can anyone remember feminism?
Folks Feel the Tug of Church's Chicken's Seafood in New Spot from Boulder's Made
mar 1 15, 14:54
mmm, I think it's the right vector and idea) Love this ad and will recommend by freinds)
Disney Turns Shoppers into Famous Characters
mar 1 15, 14:53
Who? Who just doesn't love Disney?
Kelly Clarkson: I Want to Do Broadway – and Release a Country Album
mar 1 15, 14:23
Both mommy and baby look beautiful and so happy. River Rose looks like she is just a happy baby. I love the name River Rose.
Bless them both.