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3 Roles John Ritter Would Have Nailed
feb 24 15, 18:22
Only three? Given enough time and better material to choose from, Ritter might have established himself as a bankable movie star. The talent and range that we got a glimpse of from "Three's Company" could have taken him a long way.
Weekend Box Office Winners & Losers: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Takes a Second-Week Spanking
feb 24 15, 18:03
Obviously this is one of those times when a readers imagination makes a book seem like choice entertainment. Put that book on the screen and some of that magic is lost. Once the initial buzz has died down and the secret is out that this picture is not worth the cost of a ticket, it will fizzle and die. To each his own!
‘Birdman’ Expanding to 1,000 U.S. Theaters After Oscar Win
feb 24 15, 17:54
"Birdman" came and went from my local multiplex so fast that you'd think it was being chased. With such a great cast of seasoned vets, I will have to see for my own curiosity why this movie won best picture. Nothing more satisfying than a well acted dark comedy!
Obama and His Selfie Stick
feb 24 15, 17:46
I don't understand what all the commotion is about. When Clinton played his sax, we thought that was the coolest thing. That a sitting President could be human, cool and in touch with us. So now Obama gives us a little more insight into his personality, his humanness and he gets clobbered by the media for it. We need even more from Obama to erase this false elitist persona that surrounds him. Selfie away, dude!
Lovin' Takes the Right Ingredients
feb 24 15, 17:35
I was never a fan of McDonalds. Their food was mostly tasteless and their burgers were slimy at best. It is no wonder that their perch at the #1 spot for fast food has been overtaken by burger king. Frankly, I never understood why anybody would eat there.