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FOX Is Creating an X-Men TV Show: What Will It Be Like?
jan 31 15, 21:45
i'm very much EXCITED!! 1 person liked
Sajida al-Rishawi: Who is the failed suicide bomber IS wants in prisoner exchange?
jan 31 15, 21:43
If it is a war then why did less then 1% serve in the last 10 years and 2 plus wars? If this were a real war like WW2 - the whole country would be involved. Most of the country doesn't even know were the middle east is on a map. I wonder if you that want to be "worse" than the terrorist of the month, have ever served and was it in battle? If yes, thank you for your service, if no then why do you think you know better?
Terror attacks add heat to GOP's intraparty battle to fund Homeland Security
jan 31 15, 09:11
Obama is going to veto it so there you go.
'Birdman' Wins Best Cast in a Movie at SAG Awards
jan 31 15, 02:16
Nobody “blew” their chance at an award.
Everything Going on With Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight
jan 30 15, 10:44
WOW, a new Tarantino movie! I wonder if there’ll be any references to obscure 1970′s movies the director liked in his youth?!
This will be a pass for me.
Watch Sean Penn Go Rambo in His First Action Movie, 'The Gunman'
jan 30 15, 10:33
What about Casualties of War? Isn't that an action movie?
jan 30 15, 10:32
To a Democrat, the perfect answer is any lie that will float at the time.
Iran’s Supreme Leader to Western youth: “Think for yourself!”
jan 23 15, 13:21
All one needs to examine Islam is to follow current events.