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Image source According to the latest whispers, Samsung is collaborating with Massachussetts based start-up LoopPay, to bring mobile payments to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  LoopPay differs from Apple Pay, in that Apple Pay relies on the iPhone 6's NFC chip - the only use its NFC chip has - whereas
Image source In the future, Apple iPhones and iPads could be shifting their Touch ID sensor from the home button to the screen. A US patent application from the company, published last week, shows how a fingerprint sensor could be embedded inside a touchscreen, where it would be able to capture a
Image source Citing unnamed sources, Mac Observer co-founder Bryan Chaffin claims he is “certain” Apple’s developing on an iCar (that’s what we’re going to call it for now). He reports that the company’s working behind closed doors on something in “vehicle development” that would give Tesla “a run
Image source Apple, Samsung and Google have all implemented techniques for owners to effectively render a phone useless if it is stolen.
As a result, smartphone thefts have fallen by half in London, 40% in San Francisco and 25% in New York City. Views: Amy Dwight 

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Image source Epson says the EH-LS10000 will take a 4K signal and use the extra information to produce a much nicer 1080p image than you're used to. That's something we'll wait to see in person before making a judgement. The final advantage to laser projectors is that they produce very deep blacks,

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