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Прогноз погоды
За пять дней до голосования Макрон стремительно теряет поддержку избирателей
may 4 17, 12:26
The most beautiful saying in this president campaign is from Marine le Pen. She said:
"The next president of France is for sure a woman, it will be me or Mrs. Merkel"
McCain Says Dictators Start By Attacking Press
feb 19 17, 14:48
Mr. McCain, is having a terrible mental disfunction in his brain thats called "Russofobia" . I think he got it when he was a prisoner of war POW in North Vietnam. It's the same as the Stockholm Syndrome. So in his mind he's a communist now, that's why he loves the left wing democrats. The republicans had to throw him out of the party.
McCain Says Mexico Won’t Pay for Border Wall
feb 4 17, 12:08
That stupid aggressive American had to keep his mouth shut or get an heart attack. That should be better for the world and the US republican party, because he's a danger for the freedom of Europe. Also read his
warmongering comment on the Ukrainian disaster and the Krim.
It's a pity that all our western media are controlled by the elite and people like that creep Soros (see also the MH17 disaster), so they are 24/7 brainwashing the European people whom are now in the same position as the Russians were in the Sovjet period. We are controlled by a non chosen communist EU government, dominated by the old DDRStasi Merkel, who is creating a new 4th Islamitic Reich.
Запад нидерландскими руками придушил независимое расследование
jan 10 17, 14:29
For me as a Dutchman no surprise, bur for the relatives again a painful remembrance of the lost of their loved ones. But most of all the complete lack of sympathy of our government with these victims.
Yes for the eye of the world, but that's only show, dictated by the Americans and of course the traitors of the EU in Brussels.
That this plane was shot down by the Ukrainian Kiev fascists must keep secret, how can you otherwise explain that in the examination commission also Ukrain was and is represented. This is complete stupid. So a criminal is examining his own crimes.
The EU politicians are the puppets on a string from the democrats in the USA and the criminal opportunist Soros.
The mass media in the Netherlands is completely indoctrinated by the government so the puppets of EU and USA.
The men in the street is calling the EU at this moment the EUSSR, because the politicians in Brussels are not elected by the people, but among politicians themselves.
Look to the islamisation in the EU, all done with a purpose.
I'm jealous on your Russians with such a strong president like Putin is.
Британский таблоид: Владимир Путин – самый богатый человек в мире
aug 22 16, 09:24
The Western EU and US politicians were shocked when they hear that Mr. Putin was backed by 78 % of the Russian people. These, for the EU unchoosen, politicians were shocked that Mr. Putin is so popular, this in contrast with themselves.
And Mr. Putin is not only popular in Russia, but also in the West, because he is a strong leader and not a mollusc like for example the unchoosen alcoholist Juncker, the brainless communist Schulz , the muslim Obama etc.
The EU is sold to the islam in exchange for oil in the seventies by the Straatsburg treaty, and this treaty was never been told to the people in the EU because our mass media are under full control of the EU en US governments, just like the USSR in the past.
That's why Brussels open all the borders for the so called refugees, created by the violence of the USA
Порошенко обвинил Нидерланды в атаке на единство Европы
apr 7 16, 17:59
This murder choco prince thinks that our Dutch democracy the same is as his violent fascist AZOV gang.
He is right when he said that the referendum was an advising, but he thinks that our government don't listen to the people. Well, they did in 2005, when in a same referendum the Dutch vote also no against the new EU constitution and I think they don't have the guts to do that again. Our government from liberals and dem. socialists are at this moment virtual backed by only 15% of the Dutch voters and next year we have elections for the parlement. So when they ignore our no to the Ukrain, they will have no voters left, and I don't think they will risk that, because we have already a lot of problems with the so called refugees and the mis management of the EU in this matter in protecting our boarders.
The best thing the Ukranians can do, is kick that choco prince under his fat arse out of their country, exactly the same as he did with the democratic choosen Janukovich. And before doing that, look in his pockets for the by him and his fascist friends stolen money from the poor people. Otherwise h'll sent it to his off shore companies.
By the way, as you understand I vote against/NO in the referendum.
В телах пассажиров Boeing MH17 нашли осколки «Бука»
oct 18 15, 14:49
thks Alex for sending this TV shot to me.
I've sent it to some sites and some people, also in Ukraine.
The situation is exact as I thought already since the disaster. The people in the EU may not know the truth that the Nazi's in Kiev are for the full 100% responsible for that shot down.
The democracy in the EU is now on the same level, as it was in the USSR in the time of Stalin. The socialists here makes the rules and we had to listen to that non choosen people. We choose against the EU and they (Brussels and the Hague) shit on us.
The politicians call the EU democratic, but that was the same story in the former DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) they find themselves also very democratic.
Anyway Alex again thanks for your information.
oct 15 15, 16:24
You are right when you say that the USA + EU are responsible for the collapse of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and for a less of Egypt and Tunisia . The last two countries restore themselves without "help" of Obama and BRussels and are doing it better than the other so called "freed"countries.
But what do you expect from a muslim like Obama, who's Kenyan brother is a prominent leader of the muslim Brotherhood. And you know that Brussels is acting as the slave of the Americans.
You remember the EU gave already the first week, Egyptian brotherhood president Morsi was in power 5 billion € , to that asshole. Need I say more?
They can start with rebuilding that countries, as soon as the jihadists, terrorists, islamists, sunny's and shiïti's stops killing each other.
But there will never be a democracy in that countries, because that is against the law of Mohammed the Sharia with all his cruelties.
I know 1 thing and that's the fact that the USA had to keep their dirty hands of Iraq in the beginning and later in Libya, Egypt, Syria and don't forget the same trick they did in Ukraine. So, let's hope that Mr. Trump or Carson will be the new president in the US, that'll bring more reality.
2. Did you hear the news of the MH 17 report .
There was a press conference here, but it was forbidden for the journalists to ask questions.
They told they could not say, who did it. There will be an investigation by the Min. of Justice.
But........ they know the plane was shot by a Russian Buk rocket
they know that rocket was lanced from a 370 km2 area in East Ukraine.
they know that that area was under control of seperatists.
they know that the Kiev army was not in that area.
All that information came from the Kiev authorities. So Kiev is controlling Kiev.
We have a saying for that namely: the butcher is testing his own meat.
But of course Kiev did not say the main thing namely. That they are fully responsible for the accident, because they, and only they can do that, had to close the civilian airspace. Quiet simple.
oct 14 15, 22:29
What you said about Turkey is not correct. Turkey receives already every year from the EU nearly 4 billion Euro only for making the country less corrupt and that already for the last 20 years. And the number of Syrian refugees was the last 3 1/2 years 1,6 million. They are already helped by a lot of EU NGO's with food tents The Turks took care uptil now only for 220.000 refugees .
The refugees you mention are not refugees at all. Most of them are Africans , they are coming to the Eu
for economic reasons.
In Bavaria Germany the authorities find out that from the 26.000 so called refugees only 36 were real refugees from Syria.
oct 12 15, 21:29
The idea is good, but don't forget that muslims do not want democracy, they want sharia law, islamic banks, no working female, that's why the Middle East is very poor, and it all happened since the islam was introduced there 1400 years ago, look what they do with the archaeologic monuments in Palmyra.
When it was a question of work only, why left a lot of so called integrated muslims their work in the West to go to Islamic State to fight against what they called Infidels (so everybody who is not muslim).
That boys and girls had work or at least an income and still they go to join that dessert barbarians.
So in my opinion, it has nothing to do with work, but everything to bring world wide the islam, and they do not even see that the islam is not a religion but instead of this an ideology like communism and capitalism. But that's my opinion, and I think I know them a little bit, because the neighbourhood I live, is at the moment for 80% muslim, thanks to the EU and the left wing politicians, and it will be much more because that stupid socialists under leadership from again a German opened all our borders. And do you know what that stupid Merkelschwein said?
I cannot protect 3000 km border. Why not? She lived in the DDR, and in that time that border was really closed, she can ask pensioned Volksarmee officers how to do!!