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The highest prices paid for collectible cars were at the Scottsdale auto auctions. 42 cars has been sold for over a million dollars . 1964 Ferrari 250 LM has set a new price record. Views: Russell41 And all the liberals said, "Think of how many homeless this would help." Source dukeisduke There's a
Shooting a Christmas release of the series take place in England currently, the journalists took a few pictures of it. All the actors are dressed in costumes of the era of Conan Doyle and Dr. Watson even have a mustache. Vies: Adelino YES! Can't wait! The time travel episode sounds intriguing. But
Monday night action "Against the Islamization of Europe" took place in the capitals of Norway and Denmark. Radical Islam, which is spreading in recent times, threatens to Europe and its values, say the organizers of the movement. But in Germany this rally was banned because of the threat from
OPEC has no plans to support world oil prices.This means that "black gold" may  be cheaper to 25 dollars per barrel soon , according to the government of Iran. In this regard, the Minister of petroleum of the Islamic State BGAN Zangana tries to prevent a sharp decline in oil prices through
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Popularity and status as a sex symbol Anita Ekberg has brought beauty dreams of a hero Marcello Mastroianni in the film classics of Italian cinema of Federico Fellini "La Dolce Vita". Starring in the title role in the film the Sweet life in 1959, Anita Ekberg has received wide popularity and became

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